Host an Easter Egg Hunt with a Difference

Traditional Easter egg hunts are all very well, but this year why not do something different?

  • Confetti isn’t just for weddings as it’s ideal for hiding in eggshells, creating mini pinatas that your kids will love to crack. Make sure they break them outside!
  • Go natural with a scavenger hunt inspired by things you can find in the great outdoors. It’s an ideal solution if you prefer to avoid plastic eggs.
  • Go high-tech with a QR code hunt which is perfect for older kids and teens who are always glued to their smartphones. Search online for easy tutorials on how to create QR codes.
  • Send little kids in search of bunny pawprints that will lead them to their prize.
  • Get active by creating exercise eggs. Fill plastic eggs with fun tasks for kids like doing bunny hops or jumping jacks. It’ll certainly help build their appetite for Easter treats!