Is Your Tooth Pain Caused by Cold Weather?

Lots of people have sensitive teeth, and sometimes the colder weather can make things worse. Understanding why teeth might ache is important, as sometimes it may be caused by problems like tooth decay or teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism), or health problems like allergies. Other times, sensitivity is because of the way a tooth is structured.

Enamel erosion can occur if you have bruxism, or if your gums have receded. This exposes the inner part of the tooth called dentine and which is much softer than enamel. It consists of lots of tightly packed tubules and surrounds the tooth nerve. When dentine is exposed, teeth feel more sensitive as the cold can more easily penetrate the dentine, reaching the tooth nerve.

When a tooth is exposed to temperature changes, it expands and contracts, eventually causing microfractures in its surface layer of enamel. These tiny cracks can let in the colder air, allowing it to penetrate a tooth more easily and affecting the nerve right in the centre.

Although you can buy toothpaste for sensitive teeth, it is worth having a dental checkup first, just in case the sensitivity is caused by an untreated dental problem.